Balloon Animals.
Good luck and have fun making your own balloon animals.
Balloon Animals.
Thank You for coming to my site.  I started to make balloon animals about 13
years ago.  A lot of people ask me how I got started with balloon art so here is
the story in very short version.  I paid a guy $75 an hour to teach me the very
basics.  From there I picked up a trick or two from other performers in the area
that also did balloon animals and went from there.  I have learned loads of
tricks on how to make a full time living as a balloon twister.  I have been to
many countries and a few states doing balloon animals and sculptures.

I learned a lot of my balloon twisting skills from "Dwain" and have performed
with him in many states and countries over the last decade.  If you are
interested in learning our tips and secrets, pay attention because I am about to
release an ebook that will really take you to the next level.  Unless you are
already making over $8,000 in a month (my best month last year) you will really
want to check it out.
True Story (I would not lie).
Once upon a time (August 16th, 2008), I was busking (street performing) making balloon animals in Ireland.  The rain was coming
down so another street performer (Dwain) and I ran for cover to the nearest Supermacs.  As we were warming up inside we noticed 4
Spanish cuties eyeing our leftover balloon animals.  We chatted with them and gave them each a balloon for putting up with us.  End
of story, right?
Sometimes I wonder what happens to some of my balloon animals after they leave me with some new friend.  Today I found out what
happened to the ladybugs that left me nearly two months ago.
Window seat on flight to Scotland.
Captain has switched the seatbelt sign
on.   Safety first.
Someone is enjoying a dip in the
All smiles as they arrive in Scotland.
Best friends forever.
All the balloon animals share a drink and enjoy their vacation
So how did I find out about the ladybugs' and teddybear's adventure?
Turns out we accidently met again nearly two months later
at a hostel and Almudena was kind enough to share her
story and pictures with me.
A favorite pastime at parties, restaurants and special events is the creation of balloon animals.  A fun and relatively easy art to learn
but a difficult trick to master, balloon animals have been used by clowns for generations to delight and entertain.  What do you need
to create balloon animals and what different accessories can you use?  Listed out below are several basic tips and tricks for balloon

First off, you can't use regular balloons.  Balloon animals are commonly created with tube balloons.  These are long, thin balloons
that are sold in packs of 100 or more.  Keep in mind; you'll need that many once people realize what you are doing.

Second, remember that blowing a balloon animal balloon is no easy task.  A favorite trick is to ask children to try to blow them up.  
They'll soon find they can't!  To blow a balloon animal properly, you will need to stretch the balloon skin to allow for air to fill the
balloon properly.  Even this takes considerable lung power, so you may want to invest in a pump.  Not a bicycle pump, a balloon
pump.  These devices are small, tube shaped and will pump air into your balloon on every movement, both in and out.  Remember
not to fill your balloon completely!  You'll need that extra space for what comes next.

The secret of tube balloons is that they are easy to twist and bend.  Don't be afraid to bend them around, twist them completely or
try to wrap twisted joints around one another.  The absolute worst that can happen is the balloon will pop.  Also, twisting the balloon
to create a joint also provides a way for other balloons to connect.  Use different colors and make sure to experiment!  You never
know when a botched project will become something fun, like a ray gun or a festive hat.

Finally, once you have your balloon animal built, it never hurts to aide the imagination by adding facial features or other markings
with a felt tip marker, such as a sharpie.  Remember you don't have to go nuts; children have great imaginations.  All you may need
to do is add two dots and a smile for a face, and they'll take it from there.

No matter how detailed you wish to get, balloon animals are a fun, exciting and safe way to add a touch of excitement to any
function.  Remember to experiment with what you are making and don't be afraid to twist and bend those balloons!  After all, that's
what they are made for.