How to make Amazing balloon animals.
Increase your balloon twisting skills.
arts and craft project for
summer camps, home
schooled children, scout
groups (just imagine how
much money a troupe could
raise for charity at a church,
school or community event),
clowns, students wanting to
earn extra cash, magicians
wanting to add to their skills,
I learned some
balloon animal
twisting skills from
these guys and
within weeks of
practicing,  I was
able to go to Europe
and pay all my food
and hotel bills by
twisting balloons
while there.  This is
definetly an easy to
aquire skill with the
right mentors.
D.W.  -Utah-
There are numerous ways to make a living twisting balloons.  Enjoy touring each
page of our site and our amazing balloon animals, sculptures and bouquets.
Make Balloon Animals.
Good luck and have fun learning how to make your own balloon animals.
The smiles one can
create through
balloon art is amazing.

"The best of baloon, ballon, and balloon make."
The typo king
Balloon model posing
with a child.  Notice
the apple and the
squirrel and all the
detail that went into
this dress.
Click here to see a
small collection of free

video clip
s showing
you how to twist
Grab a balloon make a kid happy.
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Beyond Balloon animals.
Some balloon animals are made from a single balloon,
while some balloon sculptures can take thousands of
balloons.  Choosing the balloons to make a balloon
animal is very important.  A professional quality balloon
will be less likely to pop while you are twisting it and the
balloon animal will usually last longer.   Did you know a
balloon animal can still be recognizable after a year if
you keep it in the freezer?
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Hello, my name is Cory and I got my start making balloon animals in Arizona about 14 years ago.  I
started in restaurants and have been seen around the world on streets and at parties as well as
conventions and corporate events.  Below is a picture from a party I did in Hawaii.
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